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Holy Virgins 4 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.

Holy Virgins

Holy Virgins

Description: The locals know all about Dr. Fuwa. His reputation for taking advantage of his female patients has left him little to do except his nurse Megumi. When he`s suddenly called in to investigate a mysterious illness that`s been affecting the nuns on a remote island, Dr. Fuwa`s certainly not above having a little fun with the patients – each and every one of them a cute little nun-in-training. But will he be able to uncover the truth behind their terrible condition?

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Alternative Name: Toresu - Mariasu 3-jin No Sei Shojo, Tres Marias: San-nin no Sei-shojo, Taures - Holy Virgin of 3 Marias, トレス・マリアス 3人の聖処女

Writer: -

Director: -

Category: Demons, Harem, Nuns, Uncensored, Virgins

Tagges as: Digital Works, Y.O.U.C

Date Added: Apr 16, 2013

Release on: 2001

Status: Completed

Rank: 806

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