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Shin Ringetsu 3 out of 5 based on 30 ratings. 30 user reviews.

Shin Ringetsu

Shin Ringetsu
Not Bad

Description: A Long time ago, a curse was cast upon the Rindo family. The curse: the family could only give birth to girls. The only way to temporarily lift the curse was to have a child with someone from the Hizuki family. Once the curse was lifted, it would haunt the family again every 3rd generation. Many years have passed and now, Naoto Rindo will be the unfortunate one. His former fiancé, Suzune Hizuki has passed away due to a tragic accident and now he must impregnate one of the other four girls from the Hizuki family, however, time is running short.

But wait, did Suzune really die? Mysteries abound around what exactly did happen and will happen since Suzune is still alive.

Alternative Name: 真・燐月

Writer: -

Director: -

Category: Supernatural, Harem, Lolicon, MILF, Pregnant, School Girls

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Date Added: Apr 05, 2013

Release on: 2009

Status: Completed

Rank: 452

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